20 Minutes, 3 X a Week, RESULTS

  • Kim Wenger Coaches

  • Mon, Wed., Fridays 6-6:30 pm

  • 8 Weeks- 01/16- 03/10
    “It only takes 20 minutes, three days a week, it is scientifically proven to work.”

“The high-intensity portion of this exercise program amounts to just four minutes per workout.”


“Sprint 8 naturally releases HGH, so you can lose body fat, build muscle and have more daily energy.”

This 20-minute, high-intensity interval training program is scientifically proven to boost energy, reduce body fat and promote lean muscle with short periods of intense exercise followed by active rest. In 20 min. increase your natural human growth hormone (HGH), which has been proven to help cut body fat, tone muscle, boost energy & improve overall speed and endurance.

“Sprint 8® is an efficient, fat-burning sprint-intensity interval program that gives you a complete cardio workout, including warm-up and cool-down, in just 20 minutes. Since it’s among the best exercises for burning calories and reducing body fat, most people see results in just eight weeks or less. Sprint 8 is a quick and effective way to maximize your health and physique.

*Sprint 8 is designed for healthy adults at all levels of fitness. It is highly recommended that individuals get an examination by a physician before attempting any fitness training program, including Sprint 8.”