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Holding a license in Massage Therapy as well as my personal trainer certification, I have gained a working knowledge of the human body and how it’s supposed to function. My passion for fitness developed from being a multi-sport athlete in baseball, soccer, basketball, track, cross country and swimming. After my college running career, I became a high school cross country, swimming and track coach which led to my decision to dive deeper into the field of fitness. My approach to fitness emphasizes the mind & body connection and a client based program to ensure each individual reaches their goals and continues their journey beyond what they initially thought possible. I have established long-term client interactions with the goal of integrating exercise and optimal wellness into the demands of daily life. I am known for my joking attitude and making people laugh, which is a great life tool.


Exercise is one of the most beneficial activities you can engage in. Not only does it promote muscle growth, heart health, and bone density, but it has benefits that reach beyond physical. I believe exercise is essential to discipline, confidence, and overall mental and emotional health. I started lifting when I was 14. Over years of training, I found the importance of building a foundation, slowing down, and building back up. Balance and stability are just as important as explosive movements and heavy lifts. I like to start slow with my clients and set goals for them, focusing on form, stability, and balance. Then gradually upping the intensity to whatever their needs be. Whatever your goals are I will work with you and lead you on your way to achieving them. 


My education and career has brought me to the YMCA where I am blessed to serve such a supportive community as a Certified Personal Trainer. My passion is driven by my clients’ success. I guide those looking to reach their optimal level of health and wellness.

Also certified as a Specialist in Exercise Therapy, I am able to offer more medically designed programs. I provide specialty training for those preparing for a life event such as pregnancy or surgery, for those rebuilding after a medical trauma, and for those managing a chronic medical condition such as osteoporosis, stenosis, COPD, arthritis, cancer, parkinson’s or diabetes.

Routined, well-performed exercise is proven to help those looking to gain strength, improve balance, and build endurance. It is possible to increase the body’s efficacy through the activities of daily life. Functional fitness is achievable at any age.


As an RRCA Certified Running Coach, I understand the physiological effect running has on the human body and how to structure training to squeeze the most out of ourselves while limiting risks for injury. I found my passion for running and racing as an adult, which means I understand the frustration of other adult runners who don’t have high school or college coaches’ guidance to inform their lifelong training. Instead, through trial and error and dedicated research and reading, I’ve become a student of the sport of running. I’m passionate about sharing my expertise with other runners so they can fast-track their results. My coaching philosophy focuses on long-term success in running, balancing training with life, and finding joy in the process. I am rooting for my athletes every step of the way and challenging them to see they are more capable than they believe. 


I started my fitness journey in 2017. After a few months of maintaining a consistent exercise schedule, I hired a personal trainer at the City Center YMCA. He introduced me to the barbell, and I immediately fell in love. Weight training has since become an essential and rewarding part of my life. I enjoy training for strength, health, physique, and longevity—and I plan to be strong, healthy, and active in the weight room long into old age!
I have degrees in education, business, and social work, and I have long been involved in the helping professions. Between my professional background and my personal commitment to physical activity, working as a personal trainer was a natural next step. I love working with others to help them set and achieve goals and enjoy themselves along the way.
I believe:
  • Exercise is essential to our physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Fitness and wellness are a lifestyle that involves a balance of mindful goal-setting, hard work, discipline, commitment, consistency, and rest. 
  • This lifestyle is a lifelong journey with no finish line, so it’s important to enjoy the process just as much as the progress and the achievements. 
  • Everyone starts somewhere, and it’s never too late to begin your journey.
  • Everyone’s wellness journey is unique; our approach to fitness, exercise, and nutrition should reflect our individual preferences and needs


I am an educator, athlete, and forever student. After running track at the collegiate level and holding long term university records, Beth proceeded to receive her bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field of Education. She has been teaching in the Special Education field for 30 years. Her love and extensive knowledge about running led her to become a track coach at Millersville University, Lancaster Catholic High School, and more. Passionate about conditioning, health and nutrition, Beth earned certifications as a Spin instructor and Personal trainer. Beth has been instructing indoor cycling for 10+ years. Some of her personal achievements include- completing 30 + triathlons and being a mom of 3. In her down time, you can find her cycling through Lancaster and Cumberland Counties, taking a hike, kayaking or relaxing at her cabin home.


I am so happy to be a part of the City Y training team. I entered the fitness world about 10 years ago as a group fitness instructor. In 2017, I decided to get my personal training certification by AAAI/ISMA in hopes to learn more about form, benefits of strength training and the “why” behind different exercises.

My goal as a personal trainer is to help people gain skills to have good form, balance , and challenge themselves to come out of their comfort zones for full body workouts.
Since I am a full-time educator, my strengths are to individualize workouts and make attainable goals for each participant.

In all honesty, I hope to work myself out of a job because they will feel so safe and confident with their knowledge that they can start to lead their own exercises on the wellness floor.


Self-improvement is a constant goal of mine. I strive to consistently better myself in every aspect of my life. When my little brother introduced me to the City Center YMCA, it changed my life. I found a team that supported my goals and believed in me even when I lacked confidence. Since joining the YMCA team, I’ve continuously improved my form and technique, grown significantly stronger, conquered my fears, and experienced immense growth in my self-confidence. Now, I get to support others on their journeys of self-improvement. I am passionate about helping those who may feel intimidated by or unfamiliar with more dynamic or complex workouts. I aim to help my clients realize their potential, growing in strength, form, and endurance, overcoming hesitation, and expanding their range of workouts. At the Y, I found my purpose, career, and most importantly, faith. Now, I get to help you find your fire and purpose, here at the Y. Whatever your goals are, I will work closely with you and see to it that your goals are met, and I will make it my mission to help you find your passion to do more and be more.