YCDC Penn Street Project

Over the past year, The Y Community Development Corporation (YCDC) has been working on a plan to help revitalize the neighborhoods and empower the residents of the Penn Street Community in York City. 

The YCDC hired Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects and Montez Parker to help create a vision plan for the Penn Street Neighborhood.  This is a snapshot of our vision. 

Walkability & Safety

Ensure residents can safely walk in the area by removing overgrown trees, adding necessary lighting, providing bilingual signage, and improving the overall streetscape

Park to Park Connection

Use existing parks and green space to their highest potential by improving the parks and establishing the Penn Street Park Network, which will include wayfinding signage

Reinventing the Princess Street Center

Reopen the Princess Street Center to the public by completing essential repairs and renovations to the facility while preserving its historic character and heritage

Access for All

Give all residents opportunities to thrive in their homes through homeownership programs, positive relationships with property rental companies, and financial assistance for repairs and other bills

Expand Development Opportunities

Create a comprehensive community by exploring mixed-use building developments and making the best use of existing structures, all while leveraging community support and feedback

Ignite Penn Market

Continue Penn Market’s history as an anchor of the community by collaborating with the York City Redevelopment Authority to increase traffic and promote local entrepreneurs

Community Feedback

Have feedback for YCDC and the other project partners?

Click here to fill out an online form or email [email protected] to have your voice heard!

Thank you to the York County Community Foundation for funding the creation of this vision plan!