The YMCA of the Roses: Stronger Together



On December 1, 2021, the Lancaster Family YMCA and the YMCA of York and York County will be a single YMCA association, the YMCA of the Roses. 

Below is info on what the merger means for our…

  • Members
  • Staff
  • Donors
  • Volunteers
  • Communities

What It Means for Members

 Members at both YMCAs will automatically become members of the new association in the same category as they were before the merger. There will be no significant changes to each YMCA’s programming or facilities, but both associations are examining and adjusting their current pricing models to establish consistency in the new association. Certain operations will be streamlined, such as timing of programs and online communications, so that the merged YMCA can more efficiently serve residents in both counties.

What It Means for Staff

 The YMCA of the Roses will keep its staffing structure largely the same. Larry M. Richardson, who has been the President/CEO of the YMCA of York and York County for over 27 years and the acting President/CEO of the Lancaster Family YMCA since September of 2020, will serve as the merged YMCA’s President/CEO. A Director of Operations in both York and Lancaster counties will oversee the day to day activities of the branches in each county. A single corporate office will manage both counties, thereby reducing administrative overhead.

What It Means for Donors

 The YMCA of the Roses will conduct centralized fundraising activities, but ensure that past, present, and future restricted funds are used for their intended purpose and align with the donor’s intent. By creating a larger and more impactful YMCA association, the merger will allow the YMCA of the Roses to access previously unattainable funding streams and more effectively raise funds to support its charitable work.

What It Means for Volunteers

 The volunteer leadership for both associations will have an opportunity to continue serving with the new organization in some capacity. The YMCA of the Roses’ Board of Directors will be made up of volunteer leadership from both York and Lancaster Counties as will the various other committees related to overall operations of the merged YMCA. Local committees will ensure that each area’s operations are appropriate and relevant for their respective communities. Direct service volunteers, such as ones from United Way initiatives, will continue to have opportunities to serve their local YMCA as they always have.

Collective Impact

 The merged YMCA of the Roses will…

  • Run 5 branches and 5 pools across both counties in rural, suburban, and urban communities
  • Have a combined operating budget of about $15,000,000 and over 600 employees
  • Serve over 30,000 members a year
  • Work with over 1,500 volunteers for a combined 20,000 service hours
  • Give out over $2,000,000 in financial assistance so everyone can afford a YMCA membership
  • Have an office for a New American Welcome Center in each county so that newcomers to the area can access the resources they need to thrive
  • Enrich the lives of 600 children in its free or low-cost child development programs
  • Host summer camp in 5 locations across both counties, which, along with financial assistance, will ensure that all the community’s children can go to camp

Moving Forward

 As a single YMCA association serving both York and Lancaster Counties, the YMCA of the Roses will utilize the best aspects from both areas’ YMCAs to give its members, donors, volunteers, and neighbors the best experience possible. The organization’s leadership will continually evaluate community needs and resources so that it can implement charitable programs to meet the region’s new and emerging needs.