Roses Society


The Roses Society

The YMCA of the Roses has been in existence since 1854 thanks to the enduring support of passionate community members like you.

The members of the Roses Society count themselves among our strongest supporters by leaving a charitable gift to the YMCA in their will or end of life plans or by making a contribution of any type to the YMCA’s endowment fund.

Through this group’s dedication to the Y’s mission, the YMCA has and will continue to be a cornerstone of York and Lancaster Counties, providing life-changing services to individuals from all walks of life.

Please consider joining the Roses Society so that future generations never need to know what life is like without a YMCA!

Contact Mike Smith at [email protected] to learn how you can leave your legacy with the YMCA of the Roses!

How do I join the Roses Society?

  • Include the YMCA of the Roses in your will or living trust

  • List the YMCA of the Roses as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy

  • Name the YMCA of the Roses as a beneficiary in your retirement plan, e.g. IRA, 401k, 403b, TSP, etc.

  • Make a direct contribution to the YMCA as part of your RMB and QCD from your IRA

  • Leave assets from your brokerage, savings, or other accounts to the YMCA

  • Donate an outright gift of cash to the YMCA’s endowment fund

    For more ways to support the Y, please contact your financial advisor or reach out to us!

What can I expect as a member of the Roses Society?

As a member of this exclusive group of our most passionate supporters, you can expect the following.

  • Regular updates on YMCA activities
  • Access to gatherings with other members
  • Invitations to special YMCA community events
  • Special invitations to all YMCA events
  • Unique communications throughout the year

How much do I have to give to be a part of the Roses Society?

A gift of any amount has an impact at the YMCA and makes you a member of the Roses Society!

Whether you donate $100 to our endowment or leave $1,000,000 in your will, you’re why future generations will continue to turn to the YMCA to live their best lives possible.

What will my gift to the Roses Society do?

Gifts to the Roses Society go to the YMCA’s endowment, which generates consistent funds for the Y’s charitable community programs year after year. You will touch the lives of countless individuals, youths, and families in your community. 

Because of the endowment and support from people like you…

  • Children from all walks of life can learn, grow, and thrive in the YMCA’s youth programs, which include affordable childcare, free pre-k, and inclusive college-prep

  • The Y gives out over $500,000 in direct financial assistance for YMCA memberships every year so that anyone can find a welcoming and nurturing community at their local branch

  • The YMCA of the Roses was there for our community during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing essential services ranging from childcare for healthcare workers to food distributions for families in crisis

Click here to view a list of the current members of the Roses Society and then contact Mike Smith at [email protected] or to learn more about how you can join this group of generous and passionate individuals!