Teen & Adult Swim Lessons

Teen & Adult Swim Lessons

Aquatic opportunities for teens and adults to move in the water.

Open to teens 13-17 and Adults of any ability. Come and learn to swim! These classes focus on personal goals and water safety as well as building muscle strength and endurance.

Each class is 45 minutes. 7 classes total in an eight week session.

2024 Swim Lesson Session is Now Out! 

Please see below for the session dates and when to register below.

– January/February Session: January 8th– February 19th

  • Registration Opens: Members 12/1, Non-Members 12/1

– March/April Session: March 4th– April 15th

  • Registration Opens: Members 2/1, Non-Members 2/1

– May/June Session: May 6th – June 18th

  • Registration Opens: Members 4/1, Non-Members 4/10

– July/August Session: July 1st – August 16th

  • Registration Opens: Members 6/1, Non-Members 6/10

– September/October Session: September 9th– October 21st

  • Registration Opens: Members 8/1, Non-Members 8/1

– November/December Session: November 4th– December 21st

  • Registration Opens: Members 10/1, Non-Members 10/10