What do our clients think?

“For years, I had a lot of hip joint issues that caused low back pain.  Pilates Personal Training improved my core stength and hip stability.  I continue weekly sessions and I have been pain free for 18 months!”

“I personal train because it gives me that extra push to learn things that I didn’t know … to develop me as a person and get that satisfaction in seeing results every week in my training.”

“I personal train at the Y to get healthier and to continue to stay healthy.  Working out helps me a lot with my anxiety and stress levels.”

“I continue to personal train as I have noticed many positive changes: my balance has improved, I actually have muscles popping up on my arms, I have more endurance and strengthened knees and shoulders that were weak after surgeries.”

“I see a trainer because as someone who has never identified as ‘athletic’.  Having someone support and instruct me ensures that I have a sense of direction in the gym and continue to work towards my fitness goals.”