Youth Development in Spring Grove

The past three years have made learning more challenging than ever for young students, with statewide performance in English dropping up to 7% and Math up to 11%.

The Nature Public Health Emergency Collection also found that the amount of exercise for families with young children dropped by roughly 30% over the past several years. Finally, the childcare crisis is hitting all families hard.

As of April, 2022, there are over 7,000 vacancies in childcare in Pennsylvania according to the Pennsylvania Child Care Association, with low-income families being especially affected.


The Roth Church Road Community Partnership will empower all our community’s youths to overcome these challenges.

Thanks to generous financial assistance, families from all backgrounds can enroll their children in the YMCA’s childcare programs at the facility, which have been active since 1964 and will be enhanced with support from the team at Spring Grove Parks and Recreation.

The Spring Grove Area School District will also empower all youth in the facility through their academic resources and connections.