Find Your Reason to Give


When COVID hit our community, our community found its Y to get it through. Thanks to support from generous individuals like you, your YMCA was able to be there for our community by…

  • Working directly with non-English speakers and immigrants to connect them with life-saving resources
  • Offering virtual support services to keep people healthy and connected while at home
  • Organizing food distributions in community centers throughout the region
  • Giving formerly homeless men a home in the Men’s Residence
  • Providing emergency childcare for essential workers

But we’re not done yet!

Our community needs you and the YMCA more than ever. The pandemic is leaving its mark on everyone in York and Lancaster Counties and, unless people like you take action today, far too many of our friends and neighbors will find themselves in holes they can’t climb out of.

  • Kiddos are growing up not knowing what it’s like to smile and play while learning in the classroom
  • Adults are finding it harder and harder to live healthy lifestyles or live with chronic diseases
  • Inflation is forcing families to choose between keeping the lights on or putting food on the table

In 2023, you can be why the Y…

  • Continues to make membership at the YMCA a possibility for everyone thanks to financial assistance
  • Walks alongside our community’s youths as they learn and grow in the YMCA’s youth programs
  • Stands with newcomers, immigrants, and long-time residents as we all work towards a bright future

Food for neighbors in need.

Safe spaces for kids to learn and grow.

Outreach to seniors who are feeling isolated.

These are just a few of the many reasons to give to the Y.

Find your reason to give and donate today!