Sustain the YMCA Mission

People in your community are struggling.

Youth are still coping with changes to their schooling, with PA students’ English scores dropping 7% and Math 11%, and there are over 7,000 vacancies in childcare in PA as of April, 2022 and the cost of available childcare often excludes families with low-incomes.

Regional assessments have found that about 40% of local residents don’t exercise at least once a month and social isolation and chronic stress have resulted in 45% of our friends and neighbors reporting poor mental health, leading to substance abuse and housing issues.

Economic hardship has been increasing for all over the past few years, with those from rural areas and diverse backgrounds being particularly affected due to a lack of access to community organizations and public assistance.

The New American Welcome Center - Helping newcomers thrive

After braving a life-threatening trek to the United States, many Haitians can’t find food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs. They are legally allowed to stay in our country, but often can’t find jobs or education due to bureaucratic and cultural hurdles. Last year, we discovered that a young boy (around 12 years-old) couldn’t read or write in either Haitian or English. His parents had no idea how to help him, and they were worried he would never attend or graduate from a high school.

Our staff found him temporary tutoring services and began the enrollment process for a private school, a place where he could receive long-term specialized education until he catches up. Now, he’s learning and growing in his new home!

640 immigrants and newcomers received support from our staff

Our team is helping 200 Haitian families meet their basic needs

Dozens of community partners are providing services for our clients

TechRev York - Making STEM a possibility for all

A career in the STEM industry should be a possibility for everyone, which is why we built our STEM center, TechRev York, in downtown York City. The facility houses cutting-edge technology, AV-equipped meeting spaces, and accessible co-working areas.

Through partnerships with local robotics firms, educational institutions, neighborhood residents, and YMCA programs, we will conduct formal trainings to prepare youth and adults from historically marginalized backgrounds to find a job and succeed in the STEM industry.

3 youth cohorts will learn how to pursue STEM higher education or careers

3 adult cohorts will complete workplace STEM training

10 community groups will use TechRev York for events and programs

Youth Development - Empowering our community's young people

Our Temple Guard program attracts youths to register for our Youth Development programs by giving participants a chance to be a part of a dynamic group of community performers. Once in the program, youths participate in Y Achievers, our college/career prep program, to improve their academics and thrive after high school.

Amiyah—former student at McCaskey East High School—says that Temple Guard helped her gain independence, self-awareness, and motivation. “Our lives are based around our team because it keeps us in school,” Smith explains. “It feels good to be surrounded by people who understand.”

75 youths learned how to live healthy lifestyles

130 young adults will graduate or move on to the next grade level

Temple Guard will perform at over 10 community events this year