Your Donation’s Impact

Our kiddos are amazing.

On top of staying in school, spending time with their friends, and helping their families, they also find time to be a part of the YMCA’s youth programs, including youth sports, summer learning, and camp!

Be why all kiddos can join the YMCA by making a donation to the YMCA of the Roses and becoming a Sustaining Member!

Keep reading to learn more about the impact your gift will make.

Youth Sports - Building Future Leaders through Teamwork and Athletics

Being a part of a team should be an option for all kids, regardless of their families’ finances or skill level. This is why the YMCA organizes youth sports programs that are accessible for all thanks to financial assistance and activities tailored to participants’ unique abilities.

Claire first joined our volleyball team to spend time with her friends, but, thanks to our hardworking coaches, quickly developed leadership skills and learned how to push herself mentally and physically.  Now, she’s exploring ways her volleyball experiences can set her up for success in college!

$10,000 in scholarships was awarded to families to enroll their kiddos in sports

All 5 branches have open gym time to keep youths engaged with their peers

5,000 kiddos under 13 are part of the YMCA family to learn, play, and grow

Summer Learning - Bridging the Achievement Gap

Our Summer Learning Loss Program and Pre-K Camp address summer learning loss in York and Lancaster Counties through personal attention, established curriculums, and financial assistance, which makes sure all children can continue learning while on break.

Thanks to generous donations, all YMCA summer learning programs are free or incredibly affordable for all. One youth, Megan, didn’t enjoy Pre-K Camp at first, but soon changed her tune. At the end of the summer, she hugged all of our staff goodbye and assured us that she would do great in kindergarten!

100 junior high students will keep avoid the summer slide in our Summer Learning Loss Program

50 kiddos will enter kindergarten ready to learn thanks to our Pre-K Camps

We award over $12,000 for kids to go to our summer learning programs!

Summer Camp - Letting Kids Just be Kids

In a world filled with screens where smart phones are the norm, your donation makes financial assistance for YMCA summer camp possible so kids can get outside and simply be kids again. Dalton’s memories of summer will be filled with stories and adventures with his best buddy at our Camp Spirit.

Instead of recalling how he played video games and sat on the couch, he will tell everyone how he went on the “slip n’ slide” and sang camp songs. You have given the gift of a true summer to thousands of kids, like Dalton, in our community through your generosity.

About 1,000 kiddos attended camp last summer

$46,000 in scholarships was awarded to families to send their kids to camp

Hundreds of young adults learned how to be future leaders as camp staff